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Where to Study for Your NSW Licence to Work in Sydney Real Estate


Have you been working as an agent for some time now? If so, you may feel like you’ve gathered up enough industry experience to begin working on your own. Making the step up from representing another agent to becoming a fully licensed real estate agent yourself is a big move. Even so, it could be the right time to make a positive effort to move your career in real estate forward. To do so, you’ll need to earn your NSW real estate licence. When you’re already so busy, though, how are you going to accomplish that? With MRT Training’s online courses and your own hard work and determination, you can obtain your licence.

Our founder Tony Rowe writes, “successful agents consistently set themselves higher goals.” When you recognise you’ve achieved all you can at one level, it’s time to make a step up to the next one. Our courses for a real estate licence in NSW feature more than just learning the required content. If you want to succeed and provide high-quality service as an agent on your own, mentorship and discussion is key to your development. MRT Training (RTO 41529) and its courses zero in on setting high goals and equipping you to meet them.

A Comprehensive Path to your NSW Real Estate Licence

MRT Training appreciates that to reach this point, you’ve already had to put in a lot of time, effort, and demanding work. Applicants should have at least a year of experience behind them. Therefore, the first component of preparing for your real estate licence will take this experience into account. During the Recognition of Prior Learning phase, we’ll fairly assess your competence and judge what criteria you already satisfy.

This assessment will also allow us to identify areas of improvement or new learning from which you can benefit. Throughout the course, you will work through a variety of materials on real estate while being continually assessed on competency. Once you are judged to be fully capable, you can complete the process and earn your real estate licence.

Please be sure to create a portfolio showcasing past work and experience before beginning the coursework. This information will assist both in determining your eligibility for the course and also the RPL phase. You should include items like a detailed list of properties you listed over the past six months. You can find a complete list on the course page itself.

Contact MRT Training Today to Begin

Making a choice to strike out on your own is often daunting, but with MRT Training on your side, you can tackle the challenges directly. From start to finish, your hard work will enable you to develop the necessary skills further to earn your real estate licence in Sydney. Booking is simple; just add the course you want and check out to begin the process. Please explore more information on the webpage for the real estate agent distance course, and be sure to check our participant handbook for complete details. Please call us on 1300 115 144 for any additional questions you may have.

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