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Learn What You Need to Succeed in the Real Estate Industry, with a Real Estate Agent Course in Sydney, NSW


Are you looking to carve out a niche for yourself in the NSW real estate industry? If so, then proficiency is necessary, and to become a pro, you need the proper training, coaching and mentoring. That’s where MRT Training comes into the equation. For nearly 17 years, we have been working in the real estate training arena. Today, we offer real estate courses in NSW, Victoria, the ACT and Queensland. If you are looking for an accredited and informative real estate agent course in Sydney, look no further than MRT Training!

How MRT Training’s Real Estate Courses Vary from State to State

As you may well know if you have researched the real estate industry throughout Australia, the necessary training and licencing steps vary from one State/Territory to the next. Real estate courses, then, need to be based on the guidelines set forth by each of the State-based regulators. Each State/Territory prescribes different guidelines for operatives within the industry, and real estate courses in each State/Territory need to play by those rules to operate legally.

At MRT Training, we have been striving to offer the best real estate training opportunities since we began work in the property training sector in 2002. We are a registered training organisation that focuses on real estate training (RTO 41529) for compliance and licencing purposes. We understand how real estate regulations vary from state to state and have tailored our different programs to comply with those regulations.

What does all this information mean for you? In essence, it means that when you enrol in one of our NSW real estate courses, you can rest assured that we have designed the program in accordance with all State regulations. If you browse our available courses page, you will see that each course has been tagged with the State/Territory in which it is valid. Most of our real estate agent courses are valid in NSW, including both entry-level courses and higher-level professional development courses.

Enrol in a Real Estate Agent Course in Sydney to Build Essential Skills

In New South Wales, you must complete a Certificate of Registration course from a real estate focused RTO before you can become an Assistant Agent and operate as a real estate agent. In other words, the courses that we offer at MRT Training are essential for individuals seeking to break into the real estate sector for the first time.

However, our programs aren’t all about giving students the prerequisites they need to work in this field. On the contrary, we also offer an Experienced Agent Licence Program Workshop, designed to help younger and less experienced real estate agents take their careers to the next level. As was mentioned earlier, training, coaching and mentoring are all essential for helping real estate agents build successful careers and businesses. At MRT Training, with our real estate agent courses in NSW, we can help provide that key coaching and mentoring.

Are you ready to start your real estate career or take it to the next level? Enrol in one of MRT Training’s NSW real estate courses today! Call us on 1300 115 144 if you need any help choosing the right course.

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