Individual Units


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Individual units that a person needs to complete (i.e. for which RPL has not been granted) in order to achieve the competency requirements for particular programs.

These could be individual units from any of our programs, including units at Diploma or Certificate IV  level, which may be required for those particular courses of study or CPD programs (ACT mandatory unit of competence, especially).

Duration of time to complete

Each unit will take a different amount of time to complete – an estimate will be  provided  when arranging to complete the specific unit/s from the available programs. These will only be a guide, and will vary from unit to unit, and candidate to candidate.

Participant Handbook

The MRT Participant Handbook is an essential guide for candidates of accredited courses and sets out the policies and procedures for all who undertake a course of study with MRT Training. All course participants should ensure they are familiar with the contents before registering or enrolling in one of our courses.