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Work Towards Your Licence and Become a Real Estate Agent Online


The property industry is one characterised by constant change. Individuals buy and sell homes every day; someone is always negotiating somewhere. During all this change, though, are people who have the chance to help others find the ideal place to live. A real estate agent does more than organise listings, conduct showings, and guide clients to closing. They must also learn about their individual customers, tapping into what they need in a home. Then they use their knowledge of the area to make a connection with the right property. If that’s the kind of career you want, you may already have spent time developing a foundation with a basic qualification. Now, you can take the next step to become a real estate agent online.

MRT Training (RTO 41529) is here to provide you with a path to earning your licence. We understand that your life and career likely keep you quite busy. That’s why we make it simple to register for courses to pursue your real estate licence online. Here, you can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to operate within the requirements prescribed by law. Let’s look at the path you’ll follow when working with MRT Training towards your licence.

The Steps to Earning your Real Estate Licence Online

To begin, we must check that you satisfy all the necessary prerequisites and experience requirements. Submitting a comprehensive portfolio including previous listings, sample marketing, letters of reference and client testimonials gets this process underway. We’ll go over what you’ve learned in your experience and determine in what areas you qualify for RPL, or Recognition of Prior Learning. After assessing your level of competence, we can ascertain which course units you need to complete. We look to save you time by granting RPL for subjects with which you’re already competent.

As you work through the learning units required for your licence online, you always have access to excellent resources. MRT Training maintains tutorial assistance available via email and phone. When you have questions or concerns about something, ask! We’re here to help. This high level of quality and service is what defines the MRT Training experience above all else. Once you have been assessed as competent in all the areas required, you will be ready to take your career to a new level and become a fully licensed real estate agent.

Questions? Let us Help You Uncover the Answer

Are you ready to begin working online towards your real estate licence? We’re willing to help you start. Choose the appropriate course for your state of residence — either Victoria or New South Wales — and add it to your cart. Once you’re licensed, it’s up to you to deliver a quality, professional experience to every client. Working with individuals to help them find their dream homes, or assisting with a significant, life-changing sale, are just a few of the possible experiences you’ll have. We’re ready to help you prepare to shoulder that responsibility. Want to know more about what’s required to become a real estate agent through MRT Training? Please feel free to reach out through our contact page.

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