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Start a New Career: Earn Your Certificate of Registration in Sydney and NSW With My Real Estate Training


Have you ever wished that you could simply be your own boss, rather than working for a much larger employer? Perhaps it’s time to make the first moves towards seizing control of your career. Although joining the real estate sector won’t make you self-sufficient right away, it’s the first milestone on the journey. Before you can enter the exciting and often fascinating business of buying and selling homes and properties, though, you need to develop a base of knowledge. From here you can build your skills working with other agents to “learn the ropes” of the business. To begin with, though, you must earn a NSW certificate of registration in real estate.

To learn all you must know to qualify for your real estate certificate in Sydney, MRT Training is an excellent resource. Providing a comprehensive and focused education in the requisite subjects is our goal. One cannot simply dive into real estate expecting to be a professional; instead, it takes practice and experience. Learning from our knowledgeable instructors and MRT Training’s CEO, Tony Rowe, prepares students to enter the field ready to provide superior service. Serving your clients and delivering a respectful, helpful experience should always be an agent’s number one priority.

How does obtaining your Real Estate Certificate for Sydney work?

Following the requirements laid out in legislation, MRT Training provides courses aimed at equipping you with all theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for a certificate. The online availability means that you can study from the comfort and quiet of your computer room, free from distraction. After signing up, you will cover the entry level units on your way to demonstrating a grasp on the materials. Digital delivery of all the necessary study materials ensures you can start right away.

To earn your Certificate of Registration in real estate in Sydney, you will learn how to interact with clients while also operating lawfully. Units developing your understanding of the legal requirements surrounding property sales and management will form the bulk of your study. Before you finish and qualify for your certificate of registration, we’ll also cover valuable information about working in our industry. Should you run into problems and have questions, support and tutoring is available gratis during business hours. Just phone us and let our experience be part of your educational gain.

Start the Learning Process Today with your Registration

Now that you have a better sense of how the courses at MRT Training work, you can consider the future benefits of enrolling in a course. Once you complete the requirements and earn your certificate of registration for real estate in NSW, you can focus on developing your skills as an agent. MRT Training also provides you with the opportunity to network during your education, meeting and speaking with other industry players. This networking all adds up to a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience you can put to work for your agent’s clients. Prepare to start your learning by clicking the “add to cart” button on our Certificate of Registration course page.

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