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Longevity Doesn’t Happen Overnight: Learn How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent in Melbourne with VIC Accredited Courses from My Real Estate Training


When you think of how to become a real estate agent in Melbourne, which do you think of first: the qualifications that you will need to work in the industry, or the skills, knowledge and contacts that you will need to be successful in the long term?

Many people only focus on the former, but while proper education and licencing is vital, it’s only part of the equation. The proper real estate courses will get you a certificate, which will allow you to apply for a licence. A licence alone won’t make you successful in this field, though. Indeed, you will also need experience, networking, ongoing training and mentoring, and a willingness to work hard if you are going to build a successful real estate business.

Real Estate Agent Courses at MRT Training

At MRT Training, our goal is to redefine the idea of how to become a real estate agent in Melbourne. On the one hand, we offer the real estate agent representative courses that you need to earn your VIC real estate licence (known as Estate Agents in Victoria). Starting with our entry-level course (the Victorian Agent Representative program) and continuing with our higher-level courses (the Experienced Agent Licence program), you can work toward your full, unrestricted  estate agent’s licence.

If you take one of our real estate agent courses in Melbourne, though, you will see that we are concerned about more than just helping you get a piece of paper that says you are qualified.

On the contrary, we also want to give you the tools that you need to achieve longevity in the real estate industry. Longevity is not an overnight success story; rather, it is the product of in-depth knowledge, hard work and the ability to continue to grow and learn long after certification.

How do we stress the importance of longevity at MRT Training? It starts with our instructors. We have been offering real estate agent courses in VIC since 2009 and across Australia’s eastern states since 2002. Our instructors have seen many different groups of prospective real estate agents come and go and know which teaching strategies deliver the best results.

Our longevity as a real estate focused RTO also aids us in providing an enriching educational experience.

Over the years, we have built up connections and relationships with some of the most successful people in the property industry. Thanks to these links, our presenters, coaches, trainers and mentors are among the best that any RTO can offer. With a real estate agent course in VIC, you will get some key ideas on how to meet industry veterans, pick their brains about how they achieved their success, and network with them.

Take Your First Steps Towards Long-Term Success: Enrol with MRT Training Today

Are you ready to learn what it takes to become a real estate agent in Melbourne? Enrol with MRT Training today. Click here to choose a course and get started.

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