Proposed Strata rules: A good start

According to NSW Fair Trading Minister, Anthony Roberts, the proposed new laws are going to bring strata rules into the 21st century. Will they become a reality: and when do some of the other important things get addressed? Tony Rowe gives his opinion. The results are in, and apparently, the Minister (and his department) “has […]

Dave Eller’s guide to awesome

Dave Eller is a successful Real Estate Coach, Auctioneer, Author, and Fight MC on Fox Sports and it doesn’t get much cooler than that! Here are his top tips for getting (and staying!) ahead of your competition. As many working people have found, your ‘day-job’ can consume all your time; so much so that you […]


Be ‘BRIEF’ to be Successful!

“the brief” is a weekly newsletter to help you stay informed in and around Australia’s real estate industry. Tony Rowe from has given us a “play” on the word ‘brief ‘which could also be a blueprint for your success in real estate. BRIEF = Better, Real, Informed, Energetic, Focussed! B – be Better at whatever […]


National Licensing What’s Next?

Assembling a proposal for the reform of any industry sector is always a challenge, especially when the outcome of that proposal receives widespread criticism and almost universal condemnation. Such has been the outcome of the proposals for a national licensing scheme for the real estate sector. A dogged determination to achieve a particular outcome – […]